About us

"passion for workout " by Tony Melis :
"Many years of training, studying and experience in body building, fitness and others sport fields push me to create this website containing information for people loving Wellness and Sports. People enjoying to train inside and outside the gym . who likes to be always in good shape both physically and mentally. In short, this site is for people who would love to postpone as far as possible becoming old!"

This website will give you a lot of information regarding nutrition, integration and of course fitness training.In the Diet section is possible to calculate the BMIand FAT through skinfold measurements.Also, You can calculate daily calorie needs, print a prospect in PDF format or know the composition of a specific food. In the Workout section you can calculate the max % of HR and you can find descriptions and videos showing the proper way to execute many of the popular gym routines.

Some articles

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    When we go to the supermarket or besagnino (greengrocer in Genoa is also called that) we are spoiled for choice with all the fruits...
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  • What to know about protein
    They are Compounds formed by chains of amino acids. These amino acids, we can consider the building blocks of tissues, are different and this diversity is due...
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